Believe in your dreams, and TechnoKraft will help you fulfil them

Believe in your dreams, and TechnoKraft will help you fulfil them! /Dream It, Believe It, and TechnoKraft will help you Be It!

A wise man once said, “It is better to risk starving to death than surrender. If you give up on your dreams, what’s left?”

Many people in the world out there are trying hard to achieve something and if we miss even a single chance, it will cost us, maybe not immediately, but definitely! Although it’s not a competition with others, the competition is with ourselves. We need to upgrade ourselves every day before the world uninstalls us!

This is especially true for people aspiring to make a place in a dynamic and ever-changing field like IT!

Looking for cool IT Career Opportunities? Keep reading!

3 Highest Paying IT Career Opportunities in India

In spite of being a less demanding field in terms of educational requirements, IT is one such field where you can make a great career with very high pay! In some cases, even IT certification courses like Cisco Certification Course is more than enough for you to secure a job!

Not just that, there are other benefits of having an IT career. Some of the many benefits of IT career are remote work potential, unlimited options, career flexibility, high earning potential, and upward growth trajectory!

Let’s know more about some of the highest paying IT career opportunities in India!

Cyber Security Professionals:

In today’s time, almost every business entity has an online presence be it in form of a website, social media account, or both. Thus, they need to safeguard their valuable digital assets. Cybersecurity applies to all types of the business niche and thus there is no fear of less demand!

The demand for cyber security professionals is surely high and is even going to rise more in the future. A study even concluded that Cyber Security Professionals are earning as high as 30 to 40 lakhs per year!

Approximate Pay Scale:

  • Entry Level: 5 to 6 lakhs/year*
  • Middle Level: 9 to 12 lakhs/year*
  • Senior Level: 29 to 32 lakhs/year*

Required Education:

  • Graduate in Computer science, mathematics, statistics or any other related subject
  • Cybersecurity Certificate Course

AI Professionals:

In India, the demand and supply gap for AI professionals is very high and which is why it is the best time to grab any opportunity in this field. While you are reading this, there are more than 2000+ vacancies for this position and it is just going to rise in the future!

And because there are fewer professionals, companies are willing to offer AI professionals great salary packages and other benefits!

Approximate Pay Scale:

  • Middle Level: 15 to 20 lakhs/year*
  • Senior Level: 22 to 28 lakhs/year*

Required Education:

  • Graduate in Computer science, mathematics, statistics or any other related field
  • Artificial Intelligence Certificate Course

Cloud Computing Professionals:

The market of Cloud Computing as a Service was $873 million in revenue in the year 2019. Cloud architects, infrastructure engineers, engineers, etc are in great demand.

And we all know, when demand is high, the price is also high!

Having a certificate course or degree for this field can give you almost a 60% salary raise!

Approximate Pay Scale:

  • Entry Level: 5 to 9 lakhs/year*
  • Middle Level: 9 to 12 lakhs/year*
  • Senior Level: 29 to 32 lakhs/year*

Required Education:

  • Graduate in Computer science, mathematics, computer science or any other science field
  • Cloud computing Certificate Course

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How Can TechnoKraft Help You?

Nothing is impossible if you dream for it, start early, and work hard!

You may have a dream of becoming any Professional in the field of IT, TechnoKraft will definitely help you, because we are one of the best in many terms!

100% Placements:

Education means nothing if it does not give you good returns both in terms of career growth and financial growth! Our institute gives you a 100% Placement assistance in the reputed organisation and companies.

We focus on having the most efficient and effective learning system. Our framework ensures that everybody associated with the institute gets benefited, and issues, if any are resolved at the earliest!

So, you can be rest assured regarding your career once you are a part of TechnoKraft!

Industry expert IT teachers:

Our faculties are one of the best as they are experts from the industry who have given many years of their life working in the field. They know what they are taking and teaching about as they know the inside-out of the market!


Each one of us is different. Thus, it is not possible to teach all the students with just one technique. An educational institute must be flexible enough to understand the needs of each student and give them appropriate training. We firmly believe in this and follow it too!

Final Verdict!

Now you know how beneficial having an IT career can be for you! Stop waiting and wondering how you can achieve your goal of becoming the most successful IT professional!

Choose a career option for you, be it Cisco Certification Course or any other IT Certification Course, and start working on it!

Enrol with TechnoKraft who is known for having the Best CCNA Training Institute in Nashik, Ethical Hacking Course in Nashik, Linux Course Training Institute in Nashik, and many others!

Good Luck!

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