CompTIA Security+

The CrompTIA security+ certification helps individuals to shape themselves into the field of cyber security and also act as a proof of being well-versed with basic knowledge of security & ability of the individual to perform core cyber security related task. The CrompTIA security+ training and certification in nashik deliver rewarding results in terms of job, career or salary.

What will you learn?

The CrompTIA security+ training is designed to enhance your skills as per the needs of the IT industry in terms of cyber security. It consists of five modules covering core topics like threat, attacks & vulnerability, architect & design, implementation, operation & incident response, governance, risk and compliance.

First things first, the module of threat, attacks and vulnerability helps you to compare & contrast different types of social engineering techniques along with analyzing potential indicators to determine type of attack and indicators associated with application and network attacks. It explains the threat actors, vectors, intelligence sources as well as the security concerns associated with different type of vulnerability. The module summarizes the techniques used in security assessments and also explains the techniques used in penetration testing.

The second module of architecture and design starts with explaining the importance of security concepts in an enterprise environment. It summarizes, firstly, virtualization & cloud computing concepts, secondly, secure application development, deployment & automation concepts and, lastly the basic of cryptographic concepts, authentication & authorization of design concepts. It also provides the knowledge of the security implications of embedded and specialized systems, the importance of physical security controls and implementation of cyber security resilience in a given scenario.

It is followed by the implementation module where you we will learning implementation of secure protocols, host or application security solutions, secure network designs, secure mobile solutions, identity & account management controls, authentication and authorization solutions, public key infrastructure, in a given scenario. It also explains the installation and configuration of wireless security settings and application of cyber security solutions to the cloud, in a given scenario.

Operations and incident response, as a module, helps you to use appropriate tools to access organizational security in a given scenario. Apart from summarizing the important policies, processes and procedures for incident response; the module also explains the key aspects of digital forensics. It also aids you to utilize appropriate data source to support an investigation and apply mitigation techniques or controls to secure an environment, in a given incident.

The final module of governance, risk and compliance focuses on comparing and contrasting various types of controls and summarize the risk management processes and concepts. Further, it explains importance of applicable regulations, standards or framework that impact organizational security posture, policies of organizational security and privacy & sensitive data concepts in relation to security.

Benefits of the course

The CrompTIA security+ certification course for students/IT professionals is the best option for developing knowledge of network security. It helps you to enter the market quickly by developing formidable knowledge about entry-level network security.

The CrompTIA security+ course in nashik is an excellent addition to your IT career in the field of network security. Due to increasing number of vulnerabilities in IT sector the role of network security professionals is increasing and the certification from the best CrompTIA security+ training classes in nashik helps you to land in high demand job roles with decent pay package.