Data Science

Enrolling in a course that can open doors to not one or two but a number of opportunities surely sounds like a blessing right? And so here is our Data Science certification course. Don’t know what exactly are we talking about? Here’s everything you should know.

With this data science certification course, you will develop a multidisciplinary skill set and will be ready to work with large amounts of data to find insights and answers to business problems. Along with a post graduate degree having this certification will give you a technical understanding of computer science and statistics.

What will you learn?

When it comes to enrolling in a new course, knowing what you are going to learn becomes the first priority. And so here’s what you will learn with our data science course in Nashik.

Our data science course comprises of 5 different modules each helping you with an essential skill set to grow your career.

This first module is about understanding the basics of your career, job and the overall goal of this course. In the first module, you will learn about data science libraries with python and an overview of data science.

You will also get a better understanding of data and statistical analysis with business application, mathematical computing with numpy, exploring scipy, data manipulation and using of Matplotlib.

The second module introduces you to statistics essential for the job. In this, you will learn the difference between population and sample, measures of central tendency as well as measures of variability.

Next, that is the third module is about inferential statistics. This includes gaining an in-depth understanding of normal distribution, test hypothesis, central limit theorem, confidence interval and T-test.

In the last, which is the fifth module of this data science course you will learn all about the analysis of tool guidelines also known as TABLEAU. In this segment of the course, you will learn about working with TABLEAU, making data connections, creating charts, mapping data and introducing of the dashboard.

Along with most of the theoretical subjects mentioned above, you will be given practical training as well to ace the task you will be assigned as a part of your job. Preparing you to deal with large, complex data sets economic forecasts, research findings, and machine learning data is the end goal of this certification training.

Why Choose Data Science for Your Career?

Choosing a career that pays you well and gives you your dream life is always our priority. And data science thus ticks all of the boxes. Hence, here are a few reasons why you should enrol in these courses to kick start your career as a data scientist.

  • It’s in constant demand
  • Abundant positions due to higher demand
  • Data science makes data better and hence provides constant growth
  • Versatile career for various opportunities
  • Fat paycheques
  • Makes every product smarter
  • Job in each and every sector to choose from depending on your choice

Doesn’t it sound interesting? Well, if yes, contact our team of experts and start your journey to understand data and the science associated with it from the industry experts themselves.