The course is an inside out guide for the Google’s portable UI toolkit, Flutter, which is used for crafting compiled Applications for mobile, web or desktop. The toolkit allows developers to create Application for android and iOS from a single source code which is why it is used worldwide and the certified professionals of Flutter are preferred above the non-certified candidate.

What will you learn?

The certification course for Flutter from the best training classes in Nashik is designed after a lot of research and is divided into several sub-topics which take students/professionals from introduction to build and release Android App on play store, in an easy and interesting way.

The course starts with introduction to Flutter and understanding the basics of the same, it also includes a brief insight into the framework of Flutter.

The course covers the basics of Flutter software development kit (SDK) and installing & configuring Flutter SDK.

The major part of creating a new Flutter project and running a Flutter App is covered under this sub topic which is followed by understanding different widgets, more particularly, Scaffold widget, Image widget, Container widget, Column & Row widget, Icon widget, Card Widget, stateful & stateless widgets, Bottom Navigator Bar widget, Default Tab Controller widget, Tab Bar widget, Tab Bar View widget, List Tile widget, Drawer widget, Selectable Text widget, Stack widget; further includes input & selection text field widget, Checkbox group & radio button group widgets, slider widget, switch widget, dialogs widget, alert dialog widget, snack bar widget, button widget.

The course exposes you to different types of Layouts in Flutter and App icons for iOS and android Apps. It also makes you familiar with certain other aspects of Flutter like hot reload and hot restart.

The course also demonstrates the use of custom fonts and explains time picker, bottom sheet and modal bottom sheet, along with the floating action button, raised button, flat button, icon button, dropdown button, outline button, pop-up menu button and button bar.

The course explains the App structure and navigation, which also includes the information for navigating to a new screen & back and navigating with named routes.

It helps you to send and return data among screens and defines Java Script Object Notation (JSON); it further includes firebase authentication (Signup and Login to Flutter App) and a complete guide to configure your App to use Firebase services.

The course teaches you to add firebase to your Android as well as iOS App and configuration of firebase authentication. It explains databases like firebase database and real time database.

The course includes several other important topics like cloud Firestore, types of packages, basic concepts of rest API, accessing product service API along with building and releasing android App on Play Store.


The best training classes in Nashik offers you the in demand certification course on Flutter which helps you grow in your professional career and it comes with some benefits like:

  • Faster code writing and hot reloads.
  • Ready to use widgets and easy navigation with simple platform.
  • Ability to go beyond mobile.
  • Increases time-to-market speed.

The certification course from the best training classes in Nashik is best for students or professionals who want to learn Flutter and enhance their port folio for better job opportunities and higher salary packages.