Website Designing

What will you learn?

The best course for Web designing and development is designed by experts having years long experience and is divided into thirteen modules.

First and second module provides basic information about web designing and development; and Photoshop that further explains screen technology basics, image formats, photoshop workspace, photospace tools, layers, blending options, layer modes, and export graphics.

The third module is divided into three sub-topics, namely, introduction to HTML, intermediate HTML, starting with HTML 5 that further describes HTML basics, note about introduction to MDN, HTML boilerplate & comments, basic tags, HTML lists, div & span, HTML attributes; html tables, introduction to forms, playing with inputs, the form tag, labels, form validations, dropdowns & radio buttons, form exercise; and header, navigation, section, articles, footer, aside, audio video source tags, canvas and SVG.

This module of CSS covers certain topics of CSS and advanced CSS like includes unit objectives, CSS basics, our first style sheet, CSS colors, background & border, chrome inspector, selectors basics, more advanced selectors and selectors practice exercise; combinators, pseudo classes & element, 2D & 3D transform, transitions,  animation, flex box and media queries.

The fifth module of bootstrap explains its usage and new updates in it which further includes initial environment setup, grid system & alignment, flexbox classes, auto margin, wrap & ordering, headings & basic typography, text alignment & display, floats & fixed positions, colors & background,  margin & padding spacing, sizzling & borders, CSS breakpoints, buttons & button groups, navbar & navs, including many more important sub-topics.

The module for wordpress is all about downloading & installing it on your own server and pre-requisites for installation. It plays a major emphasis on important topics like setting your directory permissions and becoming familiar with the dashboard, along with content administration. Every detail about concepts like blogs, pages vs. posts, taxonomies and plugins are covered under this module along with other necessary sub-topics which also includes everything about themes and maintaining wordpress.

The next four modules are about Javascript, S JSON, AJAX and JQUERY that explains introduction to Javascript and its basics like control flow, functions, arrays, objects and manipulation of DOM and advanced DOM; it covers all topics of JSON, namely, syntax, data types, parse, stringify, objects, and arrays; AJAX starts with introduction and consists of XMLHttp, request, response, PHP, databases, and AJAX examples; and finally every detail of JQUERY right from introduction to JQUERY dimensions.

Next module cover topics of PHP and MySQL database which includes PHP install, syntax variables, data types, strings and every other important topics of PHP along with PHP forms and PHP advanced; MySQL connect, create DB and tables along with every detail of data and other subtopics of MySQL.

The last two modules are all about code igniter and hosting & development covering topics like Codeigniter license, versions, feature, installation, file system, architecture, MVC and every other detail of Codeigniter; and explains hosting and domain, including domain booking and other important topics of hosting and development.

Benefits of course

The best certification course for web design and development in Nashik helps you develop certain skills like:

  • Ability to create a strong first impression and minimize bounce rate.
  • Create ease for visitors to navigate the website.
  • High income and never ending demand for certified professionals.
  • Increased earning opportunities while working remotely.

The certification course for web designing and development from best training classes in Nashik stands at the top in terms of developing competencies in students & professionals along with making them job ready.