C & C++

C and C++ being one of the oldest programming language, is used globally because of various reasons and it being fast and powerful in nature along with in-built library attracts huge amount of students, ultimately making the C and C++ certification important to grow in the field.

What will you learn

The course consists of two different modules of C and C++ having 11 and 9 chapters respectively designed in the best way to take you from basic to advance level programming and make you job ready.

The first module starts with the introduction of programming language consisting types and evolution of C language, structure, development, executing and debugging of C program.

The next chapter talks about C tokens which consists of keywords & identifiers, operators and its precedence, constants, data types, variables its scope and lifetime.

This chapter is about control statement and expression covering major aspects of it, such as, decision making using if statements, types of if … else block, switch case block, arithmetic expression, evolution of expression and GOTO statement.

Fourth chapter is about looping explaining concept of loop, For loop, While loop, Do while loop, jumping in loop, break and continue statement in detail.

It is followed by the introduction of array, one & two D array, multidimensional array, dynamic array, implementing string variable and string handling functions.

The next two chapters has concepts of functions, user & system defined functions, types of parameters in passing in function; need and types of pointers, pointer expression, arrays of pointers, pointers and functions.

The chapter of structure and union, have, need of structure, implementing structure variable arrays of structure, structure within structure, introduction to unions, difference between structure and union.

This chapter teaches handling a file using C, opening & closing file, Input/output on file random access to files and command line arguments.

The last two chapters are about dynamic memory allocation and storage class & pre-processor which teaches you the concept of dynamic allocation implementing Malloc and Calloc functions, releasing the free space; Introduction to storage class, types of storage classes introduction of pre-processor macro substitution and file inclusion.

The next module starts with the introduction to object oriented programming (OOP) explaining concept & features of OOP, introduction to C++, structure of C++ program, executing and debugging a C++ program.

This chapter is about C++ tokens and type casting further consisting keywords & identifiers, operators and its precedence, constants, variables, data types, scope and lifetime of variables which is followed by classes & object specifier, defining data member and member functions, array of objects, managing console of I/O, C++ stream classes, formatted and unformatted console usage I/O usage of manipulators.

The chapter throws light on major functions in C++, that is, call by reference, return by reference, function overloading and default arguments, inline, friend & static functions and static class members.

The chapter on constructors and destructors talks about the concept & types constructor, major allocation (new and delete), usage of destructor.

The next two chapters are about the operator overloading and inheritance which includes overloading unary and binary operators, overloading using friend function; types of inheritance, virtual based classes and abstract base classes’ constructor and destructor in derived class.

The last chapters of the course are about working with files and exception handling, which explains in detail the file operations, file pointer and their manipulation file updation with random access; various exception handling classes, implementing try and catch block and use of throw keyboard.

Benefits of the course

The best C and C++ training classes in Nasik helps you to up skill your knowledge in the field and the certification helps students to validate and showcase their knowledge in a competitive market ultimately helping in better job placement and salary.

It is the best C and C++ certification course in Nasik which will help you to gain knowledge in the best way possible making you the best fit for any organization along with helping you to perform at higher productivity and meet the desired standards of the company.