Cyber Security

Cyber Security jobs are high in demand due to the amount of responsibility and technical knowledge expected from the employee by the firm. But the challenges that it comes with can be easily handled once you have a detailed understanding of the job that you do.

Since we all are living in a digital age, securing the data is every firm’s topmost priority to grow in the market. And this makes cyber security agents one of the highest-paid employees in the country. This, however, isn’t as easy as you can imagine.

If you are someone planning to be one, understating your task, attention to details and in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge is the key to growth. And so here we are a team of industry experts who dream to create the best cyber security experts in Nashik.

Tell us your dreams, and we will create a path that will take you to your destination. Thus, here’s what you will learn from our cyber security certification course in Nashik.

What will you learn?

Our cyber security course is a diploma course that will introduce you to various aspects of cyber security that employers expects you to have. The job of cyber security expert comes with a set of responsibilities and we assure you to prepare you for it.

The first module of this course is about the basics of the operating system. In this module, you learn both about Windows and Linux. This will introduce you to the basics such as types of the operating system, listing the file in the directory, copying a file from one directory to another, distribution of Linux, SSH and X-forwarding, etc.

Although a smaller module, this will help you get a detailed understating of tiny technicalities that will make a huge difference in future.

The second module is about dada communication and Networking. This module will introduce you to the fundamentals of data communication and networking. It also gives you a better understanding of physical data link layer functionalities and internet protocol and its services. 

Next in the course, we move on to Information security in our third module of this cyber security diploma. In this module, you will learn about information security issues, concepts and cryptography. You will also be taught various security threats and vulnerabilities, ethical issues in information security and privacy.

In the fourth module, you will learn about Application cyber security. This module will give you a better understanding of system security, security management, as well as cyber laws and standards. By the end of this module, you will be equipped with essential information including desktop security, programming bugs and malicious code, database security, disaster recovery, an international standard maintained for cyber security and various cyber security solutions.

The last module of this course, that is the 5th is about Network cyber security. In the network security, you will learn about the network security model, its threats, firewall overview, and public key infrastructure. Along with this, you will be also taught internet and web application security. This contains E-commerce security, web browser security, PGP and SMIME. Lastly, you will learn about wireless network security. This includes wireless network components, security issues in wireless networks and mobile security.

These all make our diploma in cyber security an exceptional course for people willing to have a successful IT career. It’s not us, there are a few more reasons why a cyber security career is one of the best career choices for all the IT enthusiasts out there. Read on to know more.


Benefits of Enrolling in Cyber security certification training

Cyber security has become an area of constant growth since the last decade, making it one of the most in-demand career choices. And so here are a few reasons why cyber security is a brilliant career choice for all of you out there.

Isn’t it something you want to have for the life of your dreams? Wait no longer to enrol in our Cyber Security training in Nashik. Contact us and take your first step towards your dream job.