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Power BI

The course helps you to understand and implement the best practices of Power BI starting from the basic to advanced level of the same. All the eight modules of the course are easy to learn and designed in a way that learners can show their potential and creativity while using Power BI. The module starts with the installation architecture of Power BI which includes the introduction and the procedure to download and install the same. It also includes the other basic aspects of Power BI, namely, architectures, desktops, gateway, mobile app, and services of Power Bi.

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What will you learn?

The Module for data connection teaches you the supported data sources, files & cloud system and the database of Power BI. It is followed by the module for Power Bi and other tools which is all about Power BI vs Tableau and Power BI vs SSRS.

One of the most important modules for data modeling is in the course to make you aware about creating calculated columns and tables, data modeling & navigation and managing the time based data.

Dashboard as a module in the course helps you explore different datasets and create & share a dashboard which further includes tiles in dashboard.

Creating simple visualization is the very first sub topic in the module of visualization which further includes map visualization, combination of charts, using tables, modifying charts, shape, image and charts along with duplicating reports; the integration of Power Bi with excel is covered in the next course.

The last module of sharing Power Bi and Dax emphasizes on the report sharing, printing dashboards, exports & publishing and finally the basic of DAX (Data analysis expressions) functions.


Benefits of Power Bi

The certification course for Power BI from best training classes in Nashik comes with multiple benefits. Some of them are listed below

More demand for BI certified professionals in Multinational companies and international firms.
Provides you opportunity to work with top-companies.
You can expect handsome salary after the certification.

There are plenty of jobs in the market for Power Bi certified professionals or students irrespective of the experience they hold. This course from the best training classes in Nashik helps you to land in bigger companies with desired pay package.

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