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Web Development is one of the most promising career options for every IT enthusiast due to its constant rising demand and popularity. If you find yourself dreaming of a career as one, learning the Angular JS framework can be exceptionally beneficial for your resume. We at Technokraft henceforth offer the Angular JS course which includes both theoretical as well as practical exposure essential for future applications. This course is designed in a way to teach you everything about Angular JS starting from the definition, its features, characteristics, application advantages and benefits as well. Our team of educators have real-world Angular JS working experience who aim to provide career oriented training to every student. So by the end of this training, you are equipped with the latest industry practices and client requirements. Our support doesn’t end with the book syllabus, we offer you hands-on training practices for better technical understanding. So let us know what all you will be learning with Angular JS certification with Technokraft.

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What You Will Learn?

Angular JS platform flexibly allows to build up mobile and web applications with the help of typescript. This makes it essential for every IT enthusiast to understand basic technicalities. And so we designed a curriculum to make learning simpler. Angular JS training consists of a total of 10 modules, each focusing on different essential topics that you need to be equipped with. The first module is all about understanding Angular JS in detail. It includes MVC architecture, its concept, its application and in-depth understating of ng attributes.

The second module is about expression and Data binding. You will majorly learn about expressions, their types and implementations in Angular JS. You will also learn to work with Arrays, forgiving behaviour, and object binding.

The third module is mainly about learning to work with different types of directives and their uses. It teaches you types of directives like style, mouse and keyboard events directives. The fourth module is Controllers. This will introduce the students to controllers and scope objects. You will learn about adding behaviour to scope objects, passing parameters, creating nested controllers and scope inheritance, and multiple controllers and their scope. You will be introduced to filters in the 5th module of this course. Different ways to use filters, uppercase and lowercase filters, currency and number formatting filters and a few more types will be covered here. Then next we move towards forms in the 6th module. You can learn to use simple forms, working with select and options, input validations, CSS classes, form events, custom module update triggers as well as custom validations.

Next, we move towards Modules, which will introduce you to modules, why are they used, loading and dependencies, recommended setup of application as well as creation vs retrieval. Now in the 8th module, you will be introduced to Services. Here you will learn the basics of services, creating services, using them and injecting dependencies in service.

In the 9th module, you will learn about Ajax in Angular JS. You will learn ways to use built in services of angular framework and ajax implementation using $http service and $q services. Along with it, you will also learn ajax implementation using them. The last and final module is about routing. By the end of this module, you will be equipped with the basics of SPA, creating HTML templates and configuring route providers. So it won’t be wrong to say, the Angular JS course comes with not just a lot of opportunities but also with a lot of new things to learn about. Well, there are also a few benefits of learning this course and here’s what you should know.


Benefits of Angular JS

As you enrol in the Angular JS certification course with Technokraft you will walk out with different skills necessary to upgrade your portfolio. This certification allows you efficiency in developing web applications, desktop applications as well as native applications.
Since all the framework is cross platform compatible, you can get different career opportunities as you can proficiently work with all kinds of platforms. As you already learned a lot about developing single page applications job opportunities are widened.
Currently, the Angular JS framework is one of the most popular JavaScrip frameworks. It is used by almost 67.8% of front-end developers globally. Eventually, opportunities that come your way are high paid offering you a successful career.
These things clearly say that in this digital age, Angular JS has a lot of popularity and having Angular Js certification will surely bring amazing opportunities your way.
So if you are interested in learning about web applications and their functions, and looking for a successful IT career, join the Angular JS training course in Nashik at Technokraft and upgrade your skill set for the best.

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