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Android Application Development

Android app development courses are high in demand due to increasing opportunities in this digital era. Android is one of the two mobile app giants, covering almost 74.43% of the whole world’s market eventually rising demand for android developers. The demand comes with competition and hence mastering the necessary skills becomes important. Based on our app development experience, our team of real world android app developers have designed a curriculum that prepares you for the job you are seeking and skills the employers expects you to have.

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What You Will Learn?

Our Android App Development training comprises of various modules designed specifically to meet the industry standards. The main focus of this android app development certification is covering essential topics such as android architecture, its components, life cycle as well as its resources under the expert’s mentorship. By the end of training, you will be equipped with the basics of android, its fundamentals, application structure, emulator, intents, basic UI designs, styles and themes, menu, adapters, content providers, notifications, customizations, and even fragments.

There are overall 12 different modules, each comprising of specifications in detail that makes our Android App development course in Nashik one of the best you can opt for. The course begins with students being introduced to Android in which they will be learning about Android, its run time, studio and also gain basic knowledge of Gradle. The next module as we call it Fundamentals, consists of basic building blocks – activities, services broadcast receivers and content providers. In this module, you will also be learning about UI components, intents and intent filters as well as Android API levels.

The next module of this course is application structures. In this module, our experts will teach you the technicalities of android application development. Which means by end of this module students will have knowledge about AndroidManifest.xml, uses-permission, activity/services/receiver declarations, resources &, layouts & drawable resources as well as activities and activity lifecycle.

Now the next module comes which is all about Emulator. In this module, you will learn about launching and editing emulators. Not just that, this module will also teach students about emulator shortcuts, logcat usage, and file explore, and the basics of ADM. After this module comes intent, in which you will be taught about explicit and implicit intents. The next module will be all about basic UI designs, styles, and themes. In this module, students will get a detailed understanding of form widgets, text fields and different layouts. You will also get to learn about applying different themes, times, dates, images and media in android application development.

The next module of this android application development training is about understanding the Menu, fundamentals of adapters, control providers and notifications. Each of these modules gives the candidate an in-depth understanding of the task and technicalities necessary for creating android applications in future. The next module is about customization as it is an integral part of android application development. The last module is regarding fragments, in which students are introduced to fragments, it’s life cycle and activity. This module will give you a detailed understanding of various sectors of fragments.


Benefits of learning Android Application Development

By far we have known that by enrolling in this course you will be learning in and out of android application development. But that’s not just it. There are some amazing benefits along with learning the technicalities of android application development.

Freedom to use a wide range of license-free components while practicing as well as creating applications
You can get in touch with developers from the extensive community at any stage of Android development who will easily solve all your queries.
Easiest learning for people with Core Java knowledge
Wide range of opportunities in different sectors of the industry
Higher pay-scale based on experience and expertise along with android application certification

So wait no further to join us today and develop amazing skills that will help you rule the IT market. With our main aim to provide the best learning environment, we have designed this Android app development training in Nashik guaranteeing wonderful job opportunities to all our potential students. Enroll now and begin your dream career with Technokraft.

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