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Microsoft MCSE

The certification course is classically designed into twelve module in a way that by the end of the course you master of MCSE and all ready to jump into the corporate world. The first module of Microsoft server fundamentals, workgroup, domain, VMWARE, workstation overview defines server, workgroup& domain, and client & server operating system. It also explains difference between workgroup and domain, type of role in server and creation of server in VMware workstation.

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What You Will Learn?

The next module of active directory (AD), domain controller, users & groups cover many important topics like understanding of active directory (AD) service & domain name system (DNS) service, check the port numbers related to service, installing of active directory (AD) services in server, creation of domain controller etc. Third module of NTFS, ABE, FSRM, home folder and shadow copies has sub-topics like NTFS permission, configuring read/write/modify & special permission, explicit & inherited permission, configuring access based enumeration (ADE), shadow copies & home folder, installation of FSRM and applying soft & hard quota on folder and file screening on folder.

The fourth module is all about organizational unit and group policies, covering topics like, need of group policy and how group policy works, user policy & computer policy, default domain policy & default domain controller policy, group policy order & precedence, configuring recycle bin policy & wallpaper policy and audio policy & screen saver policy and explaining various other topics, finally ending with group policy troubleshooting steps. The fifth module talks about ADC, RODC, replications, site & subnet and further includes topics like need of additional domain controller (ADC) & creation of ADC, understanding of RODC and replication between DC & ADC, creation of site and subnet, understanding of IFM and much more is covered in this module.

The next module for FSMO (flexible single master operations) roles defines importance of flexible single aster operation roles, forest level & domain level roles, working of each role, perform transfer of schema master, DNM master, understanding of Schema & configuration partition and domain & application participation. The multi-domain/ multi-forest environment & trust, groups and global catalog and cover topics like need of child domain & creation of child domain, adding new domain to existing forest, understanding DNS delegation & forwarders, creation of trust between 2 forest, type of trust & nature of trust and groups in active directory, global, domain local & universal group including many other topics.

The next three module are all about DNS, AD recycle bin, system state backup, DFS, DHCP, WDS, WSUS and web server(IIS), raid, virtualization technologies topics like need of DNS and active directory integrated & SNC cache & DNS her child; installing DFS role on server, DFS namespace and replication, SYSVOL replication works, and installing DHCP role on the server; installing IIS role on the server, creation of website, performing DNS round bobbin, stalling NLB & creation of load balancer and many other activates. The last two module can explains need of failover cluster, installing failover cluster (FOC) role on the server, creation of SAN & ISCSI disk, including other topics like applying certificate to the web server; it also includes topics like understanding the need of migration migrate active directory domain from 2012 to 2016, perform the check after successful migration and resume preparations and interview preparation techniques.


Benefits of Learning MCSE

The best training classes in Nashik for MCSE provides many advantages few of them are listed below:

Validates your skill set and knowledge.
Gets you rewarded or prompted.
Boost resume for better job opportunities.

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