Start your CCNP Security training with us and boost your career prospects

From networks to mobile, the need for security across all platforms is at an all-time high in today’s time. Everything today is online, and even a tiny mistake can cost companies millions of rupees.

Cyber threat is not a new word anymore. From celebrities to businesses, all are facing their share of cyber threats. Leave alone celebrities and businesses; even a layman is not spared of its consequences.

Thus, security technologies demand is increasing. Now, when the need for security technologies increases, we need more professionals who can take the job of a security engineer.

This is where the CCNP Security training course comes into the picture!

What is CCNP Security?

CCNP is nothing but a result of things that Cisco realises. Cisco understood the fact that security is as important as interconnectivity is for networking. Thus, the focus on security and its training has increased immensely.

The security training now has the best of all the earlier CCNP Security versions. The level of focus on security is at a new scale. Not just security, but automation also has a huge role to play in modern networking systems.

There is a high demand for scalable and robust security since the connection between security and networking grows.

Basically, above all of these, CCNP comes under the professional-level Certification out of all the 4 levels under Cisco. The course further has 7 different areas, and one can choose their field of interest.

Prerequisites of CCNP Security Certification!

The good news is that to get a CCNP Security certification; there are no hard and fast prerequisites. One just has to clear the core exam, and then he/she can appear for the specialised CCNP certification exam.

However, in order to clear the course, you must have deep knowledge and understanding of networking, technologies and security. Before appearing for the examination, it is best to work for at least 3 to 5 years with Cisco Networking equipment.

The Certification is valid for 3 years. Thereafter, you must get it renewed. Also, the requirements must be fulfilled before your certificate gets expires.

Experts suggest that the best way to stay certified is by climbing the ladder, meaning clearing the different levels of the Cisco certification course.

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Why CCNP Certification for Your Career?

To make up your mind before putting in numerous efforts into something, we understand you would think twice & weigh the benefits in your head. So, to reduce your efforts, we have curated a list of 6 benefits you would surely get by doing the CCNP Security Certification.

High Job Availability:

It opens in numerous doors for the best IT jobs for you. You can easily secure a job as an IT manager, network engineer, network administrations, computer and information systems manager, computer network architect, and the like.

Adds Value to Resume:

CCNP is not just any random certification; it really adds value to your resume. Your resume will speak the volume for you. Your potential employers will mostly think of you as an asset even before you appear for that dream interview. It even shows that you are genuinely interested in the field and are always ready to learn new things.

High Salary Potential:

With the CCNP certification, you are in a better place to get more salary than the market rate, even if you are a fresher. It shows that you already know what you will be doing in your job and that you are already handy with networking technologies.
Cisco conducted research, which proved that people with CCNP security certification get 10% more salary than those who do not have the certificate.

Keep the Pace with Technology:

IT careers is all surrounded by technology! And if you want to keep your career growing in a dynamic field like this, you must keep up with the pace of technology change. CCNP helps you exactly for it!

Excellent Job Growth:

Since you will hold more skills after going through all the grind while in the process of getting the CCNP certificate, you will have excellent job growth. It is because you are more able to solve real problems in the professional field. Not just that, during the time of promotion or appraisals, you will surely be having the upper hand.

Eligible for More Advanced Courses:

Cisco has a lot of certification courses under all its 4 levels. One certificate becomes your stepping stone for further courses. The same is true for CCNP Security Certification too.

Conclusion: Is CCNP Security Worth It?

In a world where the online security of an individual is at extreme risk, the need for security technology is not going away any time soon. To safeguard this need, we will further need highly qualified and skilled personnel who can adhere to the dynamic needs of the field.

A certification course is always an added benefit when you want to secure your dream job. It will yield you more opportunities as a certificate implies you are by default more knowledgeable as compared to those who do not hold one!

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