Python & Machine Learning

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What is Python & Machine Learning?

Python Machine Learning is a programming language. It is one of the most preferred for programming due to its various benefits such as vast applicability, features and simplicity. It is an independent platform, and it best fits machine learning also because it is pretty popular in the programming community.

Machine learning is a part of AI that wishes to make a machine learn from experience and automatically do the work without even being programmed for a task. In contrast, AI is a broader meaning of machine learning. Here computers and other devices are guided to be receptive to the human level by identifying voice, language translation, and continually making decisions.

Here are a few reasons why you must learn Python if you want to survive in the IT and Programming field. One, it is easy to learn and understand; at the same time, it is widely used. Two, it is a versatile and open-source language. Lastly, it helps you speed up your career as it is used by companies as massive as Instagram, Pinterest, etc.