Penetration Testing

What will you learn?

The certificate course for penetration testing consists of 26 major topics that covers every minute details of penetration testing and guides you on the pathway to become an expert. 

The course starts with a brief introduction of Penetration testing and software installation which further includes pre-engagement and scoping.

The second module helps you to grasp the ethical requirements and legal issues; which is followed by the next module of Penetration test report structure and components. 

The reconnaissance module is a major take away from the course as it helps you to determine critical information of an organization like network architecture and operating systems on internet; which is further strengthened by the next module of DNS and web reconnaissance. 

Next two modules are all about TCP, UDP & connections and the concept of scanning using nmap. 

The eighth and ninth module teaches you the file transfer protocol (ftp, http, telnet) and a detailed information about SSL and TLS encryption; which is followed by the next module of NetBIOS and NFS. 

The course also helps you to understand the encryption essentials, windows passwords, Linux passwords, hashes, hashes with salt and rainbow tables. 

The course enhance your knowledge on searching Linux and Windows file systems along details of the metasploit exploitation framework. 

The course also teaches you the use of netcat & pivoting along with the details on voice over IP (VoIP), wireless networks and encryption. 

Next two modules play a major role in extending your knowledge on lock picking, master keys, Oracle hacks and cryptography weaknesses. 

Further the course provides you with detailed information about Http, JavaScript, and command injection, which is succeeded by the modules that are about databases, SQL, SQL injection; and browser proxies and non-rendered content, cross-site. 

The next two modules in the course are all about cross-site scripting and cross-site request forgery; web authentication and session management and further the course ends with describing mobile device security issues.


The certification course on penetration testing from the best training classes in Nashik helps you to master skills of ethical hacking and comes with certain advantages that are listed below: 

  • As a professional, it helps you to unravel vulnerabilities in network infrastructure.
  • Enables you to track attacks and respond in no time. 
  • Safeguard an organization’s sensitive information from attackers. 
  • Helps tester to ensure continues and threat free working of the organization. 

Internet is a home for many opportunities and like any other thing it also has certain drawbacks that increases with increase in technology. This makes the role of a Penetration tester critical in current time and the certification from the best training classes in Nashik helps you to reach the top of the domain.