CCNP Security

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CCNP Security Course in Nashik

What is CCNP Security?

Security is the top-most priority of large scale businesses, individuals, and start-ups. Thus, CCNP Security is one of the most sought after courses not just by students but by companies too. The course trains you for supporting, configuring, and resolving Firewalls, IDS/IPS solutions, and VPNs, for the networking world.

Once you have completed the course, you will easily be able to safeguard network design and execute with the support of Edge Network Security, Secure Mobility solutions, Cisco Secure Access, and Threat Control.

The CCNP Security is regarded as a more challenging course as compared to CCNA by the maximum test givers. The reason being the seriousness of the job, as well as it covers many more areas than CCNA. Not just that, the course is even more profound and intense. The certification course is widely recognised and respected by Cisco. It will boost your marketability and credibility.